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Get instant feedback about your posts, with the awesome WP Applaud plugin.

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53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority.

We think a lot about our content. We wonder how well it’s doing, what our readers have to say, is it good enough. But, instead of struggling with analytics, we wanted a simple way of tracking our content’s performance.

The WordPress Applaud plugin – **WP Applaud** plugin adds a cool “clap” feature on your WordPress blog. (Just like Medium)

For every article, a reader can *clap* to show their appreciation towards the post. The more the claps, the more they like a post. Think of it as an upvote, a like, or a heart, shown —simply, elegantly, and professionally— as a clap.


The plugin adds an applaud functionality to your website (similar to Medium)

A user can applaud multiple times

Data is stored instantly without reload using AJAX

You can use the plugin with custom templates

The *applaud* option can be added to a “post”, “page” or archive page

The applaud count is tracked using cookies

You could add a custom title to the *applaud* action

The plugin offers a widget that lists most applauded posts

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